About FES

Fabeha Engineering Services (FES) provides the comprehensives public relations and public businesses service. Our business is founded on the long-term relationships; we believe on promoting trade in goods and services, while connecting the local and international enterprises. The company will expand in response to specific market needs. The History of company is not too old but comprise of professional team of experts. It is effective since 2017 January.


1. Building Construction, Renovation and Repair

2. Automation & Repairing

3.  Shade Designing and manufacturing
FES is dedicated to managing all of your property service needs. We have teams of diagnostic and repair engineers working around the clock to support Pakistan and overseas customers.


Our success is based on delivering exceptional value over the lifecycle of our client’s projects in many industrial segments. Achieving exceptional quality and maximum customer satisfaction throughout the course of our projects. Our Business and Market analyst is evident in wisely selected platforms with whom we trade. FES believes that by working in a manner that is both responsible and positive.